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Plate Manager

From Pure Research to High Throughput Screening
Integrate Laboratory Data into the Corporate Database

Import experimental samples in individual containers or microtiter
trays from inventory, assign them to assay protocols, capture results
from laboratory instruments, analyze data and export results to the
corporate database.



High Throughput Screening

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Plate Manager provides a generic framework to link your corporate database with your laboratory instruments. The application of this generic software to your specific environment is realized through the creation of site-specific plug-ins. Plate Manager provides a suite of basic plug-ins that can be modified to fit your specific needs. It is this combination of Plate Manager's generic features and your custom plug-ins that work together to increase throughput. For example,

  • Select a plate template from the library of standard protocols
  • Call a plug-in that enables a technician to point and click on a list of compounds from the inventory database to assign them to a plate
  • Enter the starting dilution for each sample and dilute them automatically
  • Call a plug-in to write instructions for laboratory instruments
  • Call a plug-in to print the plate design
  • Save the plate design to a database
  • Call a plug-in to import data from the plate reader
  • Call a plug-in to tab through the experimental groups to analyze, view, and edit results
  • Save results to the database and email them to a colleague


Plate Design

  • Create plates of any X-Y dimension
  • Add contents (e.g., media, drugs, targets, host cells and indicators) to individual wells
  • Assign related wells to groups
  • Dilute components automatically by group
  • Convert validated plates into screening templates that can be copied but not changed
  • Notify technicans about deviations from the parent template
  • Link technician notes with individual plates


Plug-ins are simple programs that you use to integrate Plate Manager with the local environment.

  • Import plug-ins interface with an inventory database to register compounds and plates in Plate Manager
  • Capture plug-ins import ASCII result files generated by laboratory instruments
  • Analysis plug-ins run the statistical analyses of your choice and display them as graphs and tables for review, revision, discard, or storage.
  • Instrument plug-ins format data on each plate into instructions for laboratory robots
  • Export plug-ins copy results to the appropritae database tables
  • Print plug-ins generate HTML documents on the fly and open them in a local browser for printing
  • Help plug-ins are used to link HTML documentation to the menu bar


  • Runs as a stand-alone application over a local database or as a network client linked to servers running the corporate database
  • Runs clients on windows or Java virtual machines
  • Server software runs on major operating systems: AIX, HP/UX, MVS, DEC Unix, Linux, OpenVMS, Solaris, Win95/98/NT
  • Simultaneous connections to commercial relational databases are supported: ADABAS D, DB2, Informix, ODBC, Oracle, Rdb, SQL Server, and Sybase
  • Access is also provided to non-relational databases such as ADABAS C and SDMS (ISAM)
  • Developed in DesignVision by Trifox, Inc.
  • Reports are generated in real-time, displaying and printing from web browsers
  • Delimited ascii files are exported to spreadsheets and editors
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