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DataAspects was created in 1993 to provide consulting
services to customers who needed turnkey solutions for
database applications. While we still provide these services,
we are now focused on the research and development arms of the
biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.


Sample Tracker

Sample Tracker performs a variety of information management functions that keep you in control of critical laboratory data. The Sample Tracker system comprises a series of windows working over a relational database that documents the synthetic process used in combinatorial chemistry. The system tracks the thousands of tubes required to synthesize chemical libraries while validating data every step of the way -- from importing virtual compound libraries to distributing product in microtiter trays.

Plate Manager

Plate Manager is a software application that helps manage in vitro assays. It has broad application throughout the R&D cycle, from the design and analysis of individual microtiter trays in pure research to the repetitive use of standard protocols in High Throughput Screening. With Plate Manager, you can import experimental samples in individual containers or microtiter trays from inventory, assign them to assay protocols, capture results from laboratory instruments, analyze data and export results to the corporate database.


Chembio is a collection of software tools to help you manage research programs on chemical discovery and development. These tools let you develop applications rapidly to collect, analyze, store and retrieve data on chemistry, biology, and inventory. Integrating these data with graphics, structural images, electronic documents, and direct access to the Web brings the corporate research library to the desktop.

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