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Sample Tracking

ChemBio's sample tracking system is a series of windows
working over a relational database that documents the
synthetic process used in combinatorial chemistry.
The system tracks the thousands of tubes required to synthesize
chemical libraries while validating data every step of the way -- from
the import of a virtual compound library to the distribution of product
in microtiter trays.

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Most windows provide three functions:

  1. Import data from the previous laboratory instrument
    in the process.
  2. Summarize data for the chemist.
  3. Write instructions with data for the next instrument
    in the process.

The main menu of windows on the left summarizes the scope of the tracking system. The screen images below provide examples of the three functions.

Trident to LCMS window

  1. Import a collection map
  2. Enable chemists to create a plate for LCMS
  3. Export instructions to LCMS.
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[LCMS Window]
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LCMS Window

  1. Import data from the LCSM fraction collector and
    weights from a Bohdan Balance Automator
  2. Enable chemist to group or discard samples based
    on quantity and purity
  3. Export instructions and data to a liquid handling
    robot to plate microtiter trays.

Client Plates window

  1. Import compound and well IDs plated by Tecan
  2. Get data for each compound from database
  3. Export documentation on each plate.

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[Product Plate Window]
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Product plates are documented. Simply click
a blue well to open the datasheet.


Chemical data sheet for each product
displays for the selected well.
[DataSheet Window]
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